charlotte noruzi art and designI came to weaving through poetry. My first piece, "The Lady of Shalott", was based on the haunting poem of the same name, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and relays the story of the Lady who weaves all the days of her life in an isolated tower in Camelot. I created a woven “container” in which the artist book I created would live in. With it, I began my journey into the world of fiber art.

My current exploration is called "Woven Anatomy: Weaving the Inside Out". The pieces in this series are “biological expressions” of the impressions left by disease and imbalance in the human body—and the beauty that can be found in these imbalances. Certain ones give voice to a condition that I’ve personally experienced, or witnessed, such as "Thyroid Unraveling" or "Under the Suit". The idea that psychological burdens can manifest as disease in the body has always fascinated me, and ‘exposing these burdens’ is a way I found to face and “eradicate” them. It's an "organic catharsis", you could say. The piece Cellular Awakening touches on this idea and of bodily renewal.

I studied the resemblance between muscle and tissue structures and the warp and weft of threads, and what has unfolded is an anatomically-based series of woven fiber sculptures and art-to-wear. "Winged Victory" was featured in the Art Below London June 2012 Exhibition in the LondongUnderground.

Being Persian roots me to my heritage in textile arts and weaving—something very ancient within me coming forth in a new and individual way. Please also visit my design website at